Rainbow Melts Blends 1

A Walk in the Woods - Sweet Violets, Lemongrass, Fresh Air & Wild Grass.

Autumn Pear - Ripe Juicy Pear + Gooey Caramel + Maple Syrup.  

Bakery Heaven (North Pole Bakery) - Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Butter Brickle, Waffle Cone & Gingerbread.

Basket Case - Clean Cotton (type) + Snuggle (type).

Be Mine - Pink Sugar, Vanilla Bomb & Frosted Cupcakes.

Beach Bonfire - Sea Salt, Bonfire Bliss & Marshmallow.

Beach Breeze - Suntan Lotion & Fresh Ocean Breeze.

Beach Linen - Clean Cotton + Vanilla Citrus + Beach Breeze.

Beach Nights (type) This is a house blend of Salty Sea Air, Toasted Marshmallow & Frosted Grahams.

Beast - Barber Shop + Sweet Tobacco + a hint of leather.

Bedtime Bath - Sweet Calming Lavender.

Berry Creme Brulee Cupcake - Berry Creme Brulee & Cuppy Cake.

Black & Blue - Sweet Blackberries + Blueberry Cobbler.

Blackberry White Tea - Sweet Blacberries & Soothing White Tea.

Blueberry Butter Brickle Bread - Blueberry Burst, Butter Brickle & Amish Bread.

Bohemian - Vanilla Sandalwood + Nag Champa + Patchouli Rain.

Breakfast Bowl - Fruity Loops, Fruity Pebbles (type) & Lucky Charms (type).

Breathe Easy - Cool, Crisp Blend of Camphor, Eucalyptus & Mint.

Brown Sugar Pecan Bread - Sweet Baked Bread, Brown Sugar & Pecan.

Buddy The Elf Diet - Frosted Sugar Cookie, Sweet Fluffy Marshmallow & Maple Syrup.

Bunny Bites - Jelly Beans + Marshmallow Peeps + Sugar Cookie.

Bumbleberry Fizz - Blackberry, Apricot, Strawberry, Sweet Pear & Fizzy Pop.

Butter Brickle Waffle Cone - Butter Brickle with Vanilla Sugar Waffle Cone.

Butter Brickle Zucchini - Sweet Sticky Butter Brickle & Creamy Zucchini.

Buttermint Cake - Buttermint & Birthday Cake.

Cabana Cake - Creamy Coconut Cake + Mango + Papaya.

Candy Bliss - Green Apple Candy, Watermelon Candy & Cotton Candy Frosting.

Candy Kisses - Rainbow Sherbet, Lollipop, Cotton Candy & Marshmallow. Created by Asisa R.

Candy Land - Cotton Candy Frosting, Sweet Lollipop, Bubble Gum & Marshmallow Fluff.

Caramel Dipped Cinnamon Donuts - Sweet Cinnamon Sugar Donuts dipped in gooey caramel.

Caramel Coffee Zucchini Bread - Buttery Caramel, Sweet Coffee & Zucchini Bread.

Caramel Kettle Bread - Caramel Kettle Corn & Amish Friendship Bread.s

Carnival Treats - Cotton Candy + Caramel Apples + Sweet Funnel Cake.

Castaway - Sea Spray, Ocean Air, & Wild Blackberries.

Cider Donuts - Mulled Cider & Cinnamon Donuts.

Clean Cut -Shaving Cream, Vanilla Sandalwood, Salty Air & Creamy musk. Smells like a clean handsome man!

Clear Day - Enjoy the fresh smell of Clean Linen + Lavender Flowers.

Coastal Mist - Sweet Citrus + Salty Air + Juniper + Sea Moss + Teakwood.

Coffee Shop - Espresso Coffee + Vanilla Bean Marshmallow + Butter Cookies. 

Cookie Heaven - Gourmet Sugar Cookies, Danish Butter Cookies & Vanilla Butter Fudge.

Confetti - Drops of Rain + Blackberry + Lemon Curd.

Crazy for You - Sweet Strawberries, Buttercream & Creamy Zucchini.

Creamy Strawberry Jam Bread - Strawberrry Jam, Strawberry Bread & Strawberries & Cream.

Cutie Pie - Cream Cheese Frosting, Stawberries & Buttercream Pie.

Dexter - Salty Beach Breeze + Blood Oranges.

Dreamy - Lavender Lullaby + Pink Sugar + Vanilla Buttercream.

Elf Breakfast - Captain Crunch Cereal + Maple Pancakes.

Enchanted - Love Spell (type) + Purple Sandalwood.

Fairy Juice - Satsuma + Cotton Candy + Crushed Pineapple.

Fall Bake Shop- Pumpkin Pecan Waffles + Old Town Bake Shop + Vanilla Crunch.

Fantasy - Sweet Blackberries, Mango & Ginger Ale. (Blackberry Mango Fizz).

Fluffy Peppermint Snow - Vanilla Snowflake, Fluffy Marshmallow & Peppermint.

Fizzy Peaches - Fizzy Ginger Ale & Blushing Peaches.

Fresh Picked Linen - Strawberry Gain - Fresh Picked Strawberries + Gain (original).  Smells like fresh clothes on the line next to a strawberry patch.

Frosted Espresso - Espresso + Caramel + Vanilla Ice Cream + Whipped Cream + Sprinkles.

Frozen Mint - Vanilla Ice Cream + Peppermint Cream.

Fruit Punch Bubble Gum - Fruit Punch & Bubble Gum.

Full Moon - Raspberries + Sweet Pea + Jasmine.

Garden Fresh - Rich Soil, Fresh Cut Grass with a hint of Spearmint Leaves.

Ghosts & Goblins - Cafe Espresso & Caramel Cookies.

Ghost Party - Boo Berry, Marshmallow & Birthday Cake.

Gooey Caramel Cider - Sweet Gooey Caramel & Warm Apple Cider.

Gooey Sweet Cookie Bread - Buttery Caramel, Sugar Cookie Bomb & Amish Bread.

Green Apple Sparkle - Green Apple Candy & Blonde Moment.

Groovy - Peppermint + Coconut Cream Pie + Marshmallow Cream.

Happy Boo-Day - Birthday Cake + Spiced Pumpkin + Candy Corn.

Happy Birth-Yay! - Birthday Cake, Lemon Curd & Brown Sugar Marshmallow.

Harmony - Sea Breeze + Fresh Ozone + Soft Florals + Moss + Sandalwood.

Haunted Breakfast - Blueberry Pumpkin Hotcakes.

Hawaiian Rainbow - Hawaiian Tropic (type) + Mango + Papaya + a splash of Coconut Milk.

Hocus Pocus - Pumpkin + Zucchini Bread + Sweet Candy Corn.

Holiday Fireside - Christmas Trees & Fireside.

Honey I Dew Love You - Honey Dew Melon & Cotton Candy Frosting.

Huckleberry - Sweet Berries + Peach + Grape.

Hugs & Kisses - Peppermint & Sweet Bubble Gum.

Ice Cream Cone - Strawberry, Vanilla Ice Cream & Waffle Cone.

Ice Cream Truck - A sweet treat just like you remember. Grape, Orange & Vanilla.

Iced Lemon Zucchini - Iced Lemon Cookies & Zucchini.

Island Spritzer - Melon Ball Fizz & Blonde Moment.

Jam Sweet - Strawberry Jam, Blackberry Jam & Cotton Candy Frosting.

Lavender Cream - Lavender, Vanilla Bean Noel & Sweet Buttercream.

Lavender Dreams - Lavender Vanilla & Orange Dreamsicle.

Lavender Linen -  Lavender + Rain + Clean Cotton.

Lavender Sage - Soft Lavender + Fresh Basil + Garden Sage.

Lemonade Party Cake - Sweet Lemonade, Birthday Cake, & Buttercream Marshmallow.

Lemon Fluff Cake - Sweet Lemon Curd, Fluffy Marshmallow & Frosted White Cake.

Lemon Mallow Cookie Bread - Lemon Curd, Marshmallow Bomb, Sugar Cookie Bomb and Amish Bread.

Lemon Marshmallow - Lemon Curd and Marshmallow.

Lemonada - Lemonade & Pina Colada. 

Loopy 7-up Pound Cake - Fruity Loops & 7-up Pound Cake.

Loopy Lavender Noel - Fruity Loops, Lavender Vanilla & Vanilla Bean Noel.

Loopy Mallow Cookie Bread - Fruity Loops, Marshmallow, Gourmet Sugar Cookies & Amish Bread.

Loopy Mallow Zucchini - Fruity Loops, Marshmallow  & Zucchini.

Let it Go - Black Amber & Lavender + Sundried Linen + Wood Sage & Sea Salt.

Love Always - Mac Apple & Cotton Candy Marshmallow.

Love Birds - Lemon Cream Pie & Blueberry Cobbler.

Love You Berry Much - Sweet Berries, Frosted White Cake & Whipped Cream.

Magic Lemons - Magic Mallow & Lemon Curd.

Magic Mallow - House Blend (Smells like Lucky Charms)

Mango Dream Smoothie - Mango, Dreamsicle & Vanilla Ice Cream.

Mango Peach Fizz - Mango, Fresh Peaches & Fizzy Pop.

Maple Sugar Zucchini Bread - Maple Sugar Candy & Creamy Zucchini.

Marshmallow - Gooey Sweet Marshmallow Cream (House Blend).

Marshmallow Smoothie - Fluffy Marshmallow & Vanilla Smoothie.

Me want COOKIES! -  Gourmet Sugar Cookie, Vanilla Wafers & Vanilla Bean Marshmallow.

Melon Patch - Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Honey Dew & Cotton Candy Frosting.

Mellow - Earl Grey Tea + Citrus + Sage Leaves.

Miami Fizz - Mango Papaya, Pineapple Slices & Fizzy Pop.

Mint Blossoms - Sweet Buttercream Mint & Rose Jam (type).

Minty Dreams – Eucalyptus, Spearmint & Peppermint Fluff.

Monster Mocha - Mocha, Cinnamon Donuts & Toasted Marshallow.

Monster Munch - Caramel Corn, Toasted Marshmallow & Salty Pretzel.

Mother Nature - (Black Sea) Sea Salt + Ozone + Plum + Citrus + Amber + Black Musk + Warm Vanilla Sandalwood.

North Pole Bakery - Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Gingerbread, Waffle Cone, & Butter Brickle.

Out of the Shower - Shampoo + Dove (soap) + White Clouds (clean towel).

Party Time - Cake Batter Ice Cream, Birthday Cake & Sweet Confection drizzled with Strawberry Glaze.

Picnic Life - Watermelon Slices + Lemonade + Fresh Cut Grass.

Pink Lady - Sweet Pink Sugar + Bubbly Vanilla Champagne + VBN.

Pink Princess - Pink Sugar, Pink Chiffon,  Pink Cotton Candy & Berries.

Pink Sugar Cookies - Pink Sugar & Gourmet Sugar Cookies.

Pomegranate Squeeze – Pomegranate & Lemon Curd.

Pot of Gold - Golden Sugar Cookies + Orange Sherbet + Vanilla Buttercream.

Pretty in Pink - Strawberry, Pink Frosted Cake & Marshmallow.

Pucker Up - Pomegranate, Lemon Curd & Lollipops. 

Pumpkin Mallow Bread - Frosted Pumpkin, Marshmallow Bomb & Creamy Zucchini.

Gooey Pumpkin Patch - Sweet & Yummy Pumpkin with tiny hints of spice & Gooey Caramel Cider.

Pumpkin Pie Butter Fudge - Pumpkin Pie & Vanilla Butter Fudge.

Purify - Clean Air, Sweet Orange, Lime, Grapefruit, Soft Floral, Sandalwood & Musk.

Purple Cow Cotton Candy - Purple Cow, Cotton Candy and Cotton Candy Frosting. 

Rainbow Clean - Rainbow Lemonade + Gain (type).

Rainbow Cotton Candy - Raspberry Rainbow and Cotton Candy Frosting. 

Rainbow Crunch - Boo Berry & Strawberry Crunch.

Rainbow Dreams – Rainbow Sherbet & Dreamsicle.

Rainbow Dream Cookies - Rainbow Sherbet, Dreamsicle & Yummy Sugar Cookie.

Rainbow Dreamsicle – Raspberry, Strawberry, Banana & Dreamsicle.

Rainbow Ice Cream Cake - Rainbow Sherbet, Vanilla Ice Cream & Cake Pops.

Rainbow Lemonade - Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon & Lemonade.

Rainbow Pound Cake - Rainbow Sherbet + Lemon Pound Cake.

Rainbow Waffle Cone – Rainbow Sherbet & Vanilla Sugar Waffle Cone.

Rainy Day - Sweet Rain + White Tea & Berries.

Rain or Shine - Sweet Rain + Lemon Sunshine.

Red, White & Blue - Apple Pie, Blueberry Cobbler & Vanilla Ice Cream.

Sassy - Satsuma + Lollipops + Fizzy Pop.

Scent From Heaven - Berry Buttercream Puffs, Creamy Zucchini & Vanilla Bomb.

Scream Filled Cake
- Sour Cream Spice Cake, Sweet Pumpkin & Buttercream.

Sea Breeze - Fresh Sea Breeze with a touch of Floral & Magical Berries.

Sea Goddess - Ocean Mist, Sea moss, Dewy Florals & Water Mint.

Seas the Day - Salty Sea Air + Sweet Lavender + Gooey Marshmallow Cream.

Sea of Pink - Pink Sugar with Cactus & Sea Salt.

Secret Admirer - A Rainbow Melts secret blend of all the best bakery scents.

Shave by the Sea - Shave & Haircut + Black Sea.

Silver Fox - Silver Birch + Blue Sugar.

Sleepyhead - Sweet Lavender Vanilla with hints of soothing Mint.

Snow Angel - Strawberry + Icy Peppermint + Cotton Candy.

Snowball Cookies - Shaved Coconut + Creamy Coconut + Buttery Vanilla + Shortbread Cookie.

Snow Clouds - Sweet Snow (sweet vanilla Ice Cream) + White Clouds (fluffy laundry).

Snow Day -Sugar Cookies, Marshmallow & Peppermint.

Snuggle Baby - Snuggle (type) + Bedtime Bath + Baby Powder.

So Lushy - So White (type) + Calacas (type) + Avo Bath (type). This blend is so fresh, fruity & amazing.

Spider Cider - Mulled Cider & Gooey Caramel (BBW Cider Lane type).

Sparkling Citrus Lavender - Sweet Fizzy Citrus Lavender.

Sparkling Rainbow - A Rainbow Melts blend of sweet fruit & effervescent bubbles.

Spooky Spin Cycle - Midnight Laundry in a Haunted House.

Discontinued Oil -Spring Fever - Fresh Dew, Hints of Flower Garden, Exoctic Herbs, Green Grass, Raindrops and light Earthy Tones.

Spring is in the Air - Raindrops, Sun Dried Laundry & Fresh Cut Grass.

Sticky Treats – Caramel Kettle Corn & Brown Sugar Pecan Coated Vanilla Wafers & Candy Corn.

Sticky Wildberry Zucchini  - Marshmallow Bomb, Wildberry Mousse & Zucchini.

Sticky Zucchini Cupcake - Marshmallow Bomb, Zucchini Bread & Cuppy Cake.

Strawberry Fluff Cone - Strawberry Cotton Candy Ice Cream & Waflfle cone.

Strawberry Freeze - Strawberry Daiquiri & Strawberry Kiwi Sorbet.

Sugar Cookie - House blend of Sugar Cookie Dough + Pure Vanilla + Creamy Butter + Brown Sugar.

Sugar Cookie Hotcakes - Sugar Cookie & Maple Hotcakes..

Sugar Cookie Zucchini Brickle - Gourmet Sugar Cookie, Zucchini & Butter Brickle.

Summer Berry Bliss - Triple Berry & Vanilla Ice Cream. Named by Maleah M.

Summer Berry Sorbet - Sweetm Ripe Summer Berrries & Sugary Icy Sorbet.

Summer Slushy - Strawberry Daiquiri, Lime Margarita & Blue Rasbpberry Slushy.

Summer Splash - Strawberry. Lime & Cotton Candy Frosting. Created by Angie S.

Summer Snow Cone - Cherry,Bluberry & Lemon Lime Fizz.

Sunburst - Skittles (type) & Fizzy Pop.

Sun-Kissed - Fresh Juicy Oranges & Sweet Ripe Peaches.

Sunny Days- Satsuma, Lemon Curd & Orange Sherbet.

Sunshine Cake - Yummy Citrus & Birthday Cake.

Super Fruity - Strawberry, Kiwi & Lemon Sugar.

Surfing USA- Mac Apple, Blueberry Cobbler & Vanilla Ice Cream.

Sweet Blossoms - Exotic Sweet floral combination of Peony, Hibicus & Plumeria.

Sweet Boo Berry Cake Pops (Daphne's Blend)- Boo Berry with Sweet & Yummy Vanilla Cake Pops.

Sweet Blooms - Spun Sugar, Sugared Violets & Pink Peonies.

Sweet Pink Holiday - Pink Sugar + Frosted Pink Cake + Vanilla Bean Noel.

Sweet & Sticky Zucchini - Butter Brickle, Butter Fudge, Marshmallow & Zucchini.

Sweet Tooth - Gummy Bears, Lollipops & Sugary Lemonade.

Sweet Plums & Berries - Sweet Plums & Mixed Berries.

Sweet Lavender Sugar Cookies - Sweet Lavender, Gourmet Sugar Cookies & Creamy Vanilla Bomb.

Sweetheart - Watermelon Candy, Cotton Candy Frosting & Rock Candy.

Sweet Pink - Pink Sugar, Cotton Candy Frosting & Pink Buttercream.

Sweet Confection - Marshmallow, Caramel & Vanilla Bean Noel.

Sweet Treats - Sweet Tarts, Skittles & Strawberry Taffy (types)

Sweet Potato Heaven - Sweet Potatoes + Brown Sugar Pecan + Gooey Marshmallow + a hint of Spice.

The Great Outdoors - Aloe, Clover & a mix of Sweet Berries & Pomagranate (Clean & Sweet).

The Rainbow Bakery - Sweet Fresh Baked Bread, Birthday Cake, Cupcakes & Sugar Cookies.

Time to make the Donuts Buttery Vanilla Glaze + Sweet Fried Dough.

Tobacco Barn - Rich Caramel Tobacco + Barnwood.

Triple Berry Cobbler - Strawberry, Blackberry & Blueberry Cobbler.

Tropical Berry Sparkle - Strawberry, Raspberry, Guava & Sparkling Champagne.

Tropical Cookie - Coconut Shortbread Cookie, Tropical Punch & Pina Colada.

Tropical Nectar - Pineapple, Mango & Fresh Strawberry. Created by Evika P.

Tropical Rainbow -  Kiwi, Raspberry, Papaya, Guava, Mango with Jasmine & hints of Fresh Air.

Tropical Smoothie - Sweet Pineapple, Mango, Papaya, Watermelon & Creamy Coconut Milk. (a tropical blast).

True Blonde - Strawberry, Pomegranate & Blonde Moment.

True Love - Wildberry Mousse, Creamy Zucchini & Marshmallow Bomb.

Tumble - Flannel Sheets + Fluffy Towels.

Twilight Skies - Lavender +Lilac + Eucalyptus + Warm woods + White Musk + Sugared Vanilla. (Lush Type)

Unicorn Cupcakes - Sweet Vanilla Cupcakes, Magic Mallow & Sour Patch Candy.  

Valentne Kiss- A secret blend of Sweet Candy.

Vampire Kisses - Cotton Candy Frosting & Lick Me All Over.

Very Berry Zucchini - Wildberry Mousse, Boo Berry & Creamy Zucchini.

Violet Vixen - Violets, Sweet Berries & Tonka Bean.

Voodoo - Sage + Black Pepper + Palo Santo.

Waffleberry Fluff - Vanilla Waffles, Wildberry Mousse & Fluffy Marshmallow.

Waffle House - Pumpkin Pecan Waffles & Caramel Latte.

Walking on Sunshine - A happy mix of Orange Sherbet, Lemon Curd & Key Lime.

Waterfall - sweet jasmine, wild lilies and violets, with the enchanting mist of a cool tropical waterfall.

Watermelon Berry Fizz - Sweet Watermelon with Champagne & Fresh Berries.

We were on a B•R•E•A•K! - Pink Sugar + Blue Sugar + Sweet Rain.

Weekend in the Tropics - Watermelon Punch & Rock Candy.

Wicked Bliss -Zucchini, Pumpkin Pecan Waffles & Sugar Cookie & Butter Brickle.

Wildberry Butter Brickle Zucchini - Wildberry Mousse, Butter Brickle & Zucchini.

Wildberry Mousse Cotton Candy Frosting - Wildberry Mousse & Cotton Candy Frosting.

Wildberry Mousse Zucchini Noel - Wildberry Mousse, Zucchini & Vanilla Bean Noel.

Wildberry Smoothie - Fresh Berries + Sweet Cream.

Winter Waterfall - Tropical Waterfall + Peppermint.

Yabba Dabba Doo - Fruity Pebbles (type), Sticky Marshmallows & Sugar Cookies.

You Spice Up My Life - Spiced Apples & Peaches with Cinnamon Buns.

You're going to need a Bigger BoatOcean Breeze & Sweet Strawberry.

Zombie Zucchini - Creamy Zucchini + Lime + Blueberry.

Zucchini Cookie Cake - Creamy Zucchini Bread + Sweet Sugar Cookies + Frosted Birthday Cake.

Zucchini Jam - Creamy Zucchini Bread + Strawberry Jam filled Donut

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