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Rainbow Shot

Coming Soon 6/15/19.  We will continue to add to the list as we pour more Rainbow Shots.

Rainbow Shot

Approx. 1.75 oz

Apple Pie - Warm Apples + Sweet Spices + Flakey Pie Crust.

Barber Shop 1920's - Smell just like Grandpa's Shaving Cream.

Basket Case - Clean Cotton (type) + Snuggle (type).

Basin - Dove Soap (type) Super Fresh & Clean.

Birthday Cake - This is the PERFECT Birthday Cake! Rich and sweet birthday cake.

Black Amber & LavenderRustic Amber + Parisian Lavender + Tonka Bean.

Black SeaSea Salt + Ozone + Plum + Citrus + Amber + Black Musk.

Blueberry Cobbler - Sweet Bluberries & Buttery Flakey Crust.

Butter Brickle Waffle Cone - Gooey Butter Brickle + Sweet Waffle Cone.

Caffeine Party - Creamy Vanilla Coffee + A big slice of Birthday Cake.

Carnival Treats - Caramel Apple, Sweet Funnel Cake & Fluffy Cotton Candy.

Clean Breeze -Fruity Floral blend of Peach, Watermelon, Neroli and Jasmine on a dry down of Aquatic notes & Musk.

Clean Cotton - Citrus + Cotton Blossoms + Powder + Woods + Musk.

Cool Beans - Iced Coffee + Whipped Marshmallow + Caramel Drizzle.

Country Berry Hotcakes - Rich, buttery pancakes with a hints of mixed berries.

Danish Butter Cookie - Buttery Cookie + Burnt Sugar + Creamy Vanilla.

Dragonfruit Poptail - Dragonfruit + Guava Juice + Coconut + Gin + Bergamot.

Dreamy - Lavender Lullaby + Pink Sugar + Vanilla Buttercream.

Fresh Cut Grass - Smells like a Fresh cut lawn.

Fresh Picked Linen - Strawberry Gain - Fresh Picked Strawberries + Gain (original).  Smells like fresh clothes on the line next to a strawberry patch.

Giggles & Grins - Strawberry, Satsuma, Cotton Candy.

Greek Island Breeze - Clean citrus notes and soft ozone, watery undertones.

Harmony - Sea Breeze + Fresh Ozone + Soft Florals + Moss + Lavender + Sandalwood.

Iced Ginger Ale - Cold Fizzy Ginger Ale. 

Lavender - The smell of a true lavender flower.

Lemon Curd - Fresh, zesty lemons, warm vanilla extract and a hint of sugar blended with fresh cream.

Lemon Zest - Freshly Zested Lemon.

Marshmallow Smoothie - Gooey Marshmallow + Vanilla Smoothie.

Palo Santo - Sage + Vanilla + Mint +Citrus + Cedar.

Pink Sugar Type - A fruity blend of cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel and raspberry jam on a dry down of musks.

Purify - Fresh Air + Sweet Citrus + Soft Floral + Sandalwood + Musk.

Rain Smells like Fresh Rain.

Rainbow Crunch - Boo Berry + Strawberry Crunch Cookie.

Rosemary Mint - Garden grown Rosemary needles with crushed Spearmint Leaves.

Seaside - Ocean Air + Ripe Summer Fruits + a hint of Suntan Lotion.

Shave & Haircut - Your favorite Man straight from the Barber.

Snuggle - Smells like Snuggle Fabric Softner. Lily of the Valley + Violet + Lavender + Amber.

Sparkling Citrus Lavender (Sweet Fizzy Citrus Lavender).

Spider Cider - Mulled Cider & Gooey Caramel.

Stormy - Wonderful Fresh smell after a Spring Storm.

Strawberry - Fresh picked strawberries.

Strawberry Biolage - Fresh Picked Strawberries + Biolage Shampoo.

Sugar Cookie Hotcakes - Sugar Cookie & Maple Hotcakes.

Summer Berry Bliss - Triple Berry (Blackberry, Raspberry, Strawberry) & Vanilla Ice Cream.

Summer Slushy - Strawberry Daiquiri, Lime Margarita & Blue Rasbpberry Slushy.

Sunny DaysSatsuma + Lemon Curd + Orange Sherbet.

Sweet Confection - Marshmallow, Caramel & Vanilla Bean Noel.

Tobacco Barn - Rich Caramel Tobacco + Barnwood.

Tumble - Flannel Sheets + Fluffy Towels

Twilight Skies - Lavender +Lilac + Eucalyptus + Warm woods + White Musk + Sugared Vanilla. (Lush Type)

Yummy - Creamy Zucchini Bread + Sugar Cookie + Frosted Birthday Cake.

Zucchini Bread - Creamy not spicy Zucchini Bread.

Zucchini Jam - Creamy Zucchini Bread + Strawberry Jam Filled Donuts.

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